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Arena District Designated Outdoor Refreshment Area

Sip and stroll within the Arena District! When the DORA is activated, you can now grab a beverage to-go from participating locations.

What is a DORA?

DORA stands for Designated Outdoor Refreshment Area. You can now purchase an alcoholic beverage to-go, served in a special DORA cup from participating locations, and enjoy a beverage within the DORA boundaries as you head to a game or event.

When is the DORA activated?

The Arena District DORA is activated three hours before the start of every event or game taking place at Nationwide Arena, Huntington Park and Field. Visit the Events page to view upcoming home game schedules.

Where are the DORA boundaries?

Click map for full size

The Arena District DORA boundaries are outlined on the map above and marked with signage throughout the District. Participating locations within the DORA will also have window clings indicated whether they sell DORA beverages. DORA cups must be emptied and disposed of before entering another DORA establishment or when exiting the approved DORA boundaries.

Where can I buy DORA beverages?

Below is a list of all participating businesses where DORA beverages can be purchased*.

DORA Establishments:

*pending retailer’s hours and availability 

DORA Do’s & Don’ts


  • Drink responsibly, enjoy the event and have fun!
  • Drink and stroll within DORA boundaries using a designated DORA cup.
  • Ask your server to place your beverage in a designated DORA cup if you plan to leave.
  • Buy a beverage from a participating DORA establishment, which will have signs posted identifying their participation.
  • Obey all DORA guidelines posted throughout the District.


  • Bring your own beverages into the DORA.
  • Consume DORA beverages outside the Arena District DORA zone.
  • Take a beverage purchased at one DORA establishment into another.
  • Walk with a purchased beverage in a cup other than the designated DORA cups.

DORA Guidelines and FAQ’s

DORA Guidelines

The Arena District DORA Guidelines can be found here.

Are the DORA cups recyclable, compostable or reusable?

The DORA cups are 100% compostable plastic cups made from renewable resources and made in the USA. 100% compostable cups made from plants are a great option to help reduce our environmental footprint and make the planet a better place to live.

How will I know if I’m within the DORA boundaries?

There are signs placed around the Arena District to signify participating locations and to alert you if you are entering or exiting the designated DORA boundaries.

Can I take a DORA beverage from one restaurant or venue into another?

DORA cups must be emptied and disposed of before entering another restaurant location or venue, or when exiting the designated DORA boundaries.


*The DORA may also be activated during Special Events upon approval by the City of Columbus and the Arena District DORA, LLC. Please refer to the event listings on the Events page to confirm if the DORA will be in effect.