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The 6th Annual Burger Brackets have begun! For two years in a row, Ted’s has beat out 62 other nationally-recognized burger brands for runner up in the Burger Brackets.  This year, we’re calling on each of you to vote, share and spread the word that Ted’s Montana Grill is #1 in the Burger Business. Vote for Ted’s Montana Grill in “Match Up #25” to beat out Killer Burger in Round 1.
The BurgerBrackets measure the loyalty of a burger brand’s fans. Just like those other March brackets, this one begins March 17 with 64 competitors, all burger joints, in head-to-head matchups. The brand with the most vote moves on to the next round (see the Schedule below). The (number) next to the name is its seed. Seeding is influenced by pest performance in the BurgerBrackets, social-media strength and whim.
Vote in every matchup in the Round or click through to find and just vote for your favorite.
There are SIX ROUNDS of voting to reduce those initial 64 to the final two brands that will compete on April 7. You must register to vote and you may vote once a day. Click on “Birds Eye View” at the top of this page and you’ll see the matchups for Region 1. But make sure you visit ALL FOUR REGIONS by clicking Region 2, Region 3 and Region 4 as well. Be on your toes for Round 2 and Round 4: Each lasts just two days. It’s all for fun so no trash talking out there. Good Luck. Enjoy.
We’ll announce our competitor for Round 2 on March 22nd AFTER you support us with your vote now!


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