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Columbus Alive reviews Veranico, the newest restaurant addition to the Arena District! Click here for the full article.
Photo by Tim Johnson

Veggies sprout in this healthful, if pricy, addition to the Arena District

By G.A. Benton, Posted May 10, 2017 at 5:00 PM
Finding a quick meal in the Arena District that’s healthful and made with local ingredients has become simpler since Veranico Kitchen + Provisions opened a couple months ago.
On its well-organized menu of mostly salads, Veranico reports that its name refers to “a period of unseasonably warm weather.” This is certainly true in, say, Brazil. Anyway, considering the business is a pricier, more stylish spinoff of Market 65 — a Downtown salad-specialist — it could’ve been called “Upmarket 65.”
Occupying a casual, attractive space just a few errant slap shots from Nationwide Arena, Veranico is the kind of place where succulent plants nestled in pebbles decorate rustic wooden tables. Other pleasant touches include a soundtrack that ranges from John Coltrane to Foxygen, and handsome tilework, some of which forms a colorful mural of summery vegetables.
Veggies are also mentioned on the inevitable chalkboards. These informative and decorative boards list Ohio sources alongside meal components such as greens, seasonal beans, peppers, herbs and the humanely Amish-raised chickens that Veranico cooks and chills — salad meats aren’t served warm here.
Following the popular Chipotle model, most items are assembled — and potentially customized — in a cafeteria-style setup. So if you’d like your Mexican-riffing salad beefed up with generally tender, zestily seasoned, nicely seared meat, but you don’t fancy tiny diced chilies walloping your tongue, request the potent jalapenos on the side of the Sirloin Bowl ($11.75).
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Veranico Kitchen & Provisions
401 N. Front St., Arena District

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