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It’s time to kick off this patio palooza… or should we say fiesta!
The city of Columbus is full of bars and restaurants that specialize in all kinds of margaritas: sickly-sweet or clean and bright, made with mix or fresh-squeezed juice, purist or inventive, frozen or on the rocks, served on an intimate outdoor patio or in a boozy bar scene. But here in the Arena District is the best combination – vibrant and bold margarita flavors paired with an eclectic patio just steps from Nationwide Arena.
Nada has the best patio in Columbus 1
Nada’s patio is perfect for concert goers, young professionals, and devoted sports fans of all kinds. Located just west of Nationwide Arena, Nada is centrally located for anyone who might be headed down to the Arena District for a Columbus Clipper’s game or for a concert at either Nationwide Arena or EXPRESS LIVE! They are across the street from McFerson Commons which makes the Nada patio the perfect hangout for any Columbus music festival goer to grab some drinks and a quick bite to eat in between rocking’ out to some incredible music.
Nada has the best patio in Columbus 4
Nada offers mood lifting, drool worthy, Mexican-inspired food & drink with heartfelt hospitality. Nada’s menu features a contemporary take on Mexican and they have some of the best tacos in downtown Columbus. Their menu includes multiple new dishes like the Durango BBQ “Pastor” which has chili-marinated pork, pickled white onion, and guajillo Diablo sauce. Another fan favorite is their new Asian-fusian inspired SeÑor Mu Shu which has Modelo and ginger braised pork, sesame, ancho hoison sauace and a fresh lime cabbage slaw to tie it all together. But you can see their whole menu here.
Nada has the best patio in Columbus 2
But if you and your friends are looking to beat the summer heat, there is no better way to do it than with a nice cold glass of one of Nada’s specialty margaritas. If you are looking for a more traditional margarita on the rocks that isn’t too sweet then go with the classic Nadarita made with tequila, lime juice, triple sec and honey. If you are looking for something a little more daring try the spicy and sweet Chile-Mango margarita. It’s made with El Jimador Blanco tequila, ancho chile, fresh mango and pineapple. This drink packs a punch with a slow burn that feels so good. You can also order off their cocktail menu – the Caipirinha (we don’t know how to pronounce this either… just point to the menu) is a Mexican mystery that offers a lap-dance for your taste buds. See their full drink menu here. 
Nada has the best patio in Columbus 3
Whatever your food and drink choices, the patio at Nada is sure to set the perfect mood. Want to bring some ladies down for a Mexican-inspired bachelorette party? No problem. Nada can hook you up. Want to book a large happy hour with work friends to celebrate the end of a project? Nada is just a few steps away with drinks that satisfy and celebrate. Want to show off Columbus to some out of towners? The view from Nada’s patio is a perfect way to start the night and tell the history of the Arena District. If you are planning a big party or celebration call 614-715-8260 to set up the nitty gritty deets.
Planning on a much smaller gathering? A few close friends or just you ans someone special? Make reservations online here or call 614-715-8260.
No matter what your plans are, Nada’s patio is a summer must-see. So stop in today and get your party on the patio!

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