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Downtown Columbus has always been a hive of activity with tons of great events in the Arena District. While it is typically a stomping ground for die hard sports fans (we see you Blue Jackets fans), concert goers, and young professionals  looking to make their big break, it has recently become overrun with a new kind of swarm – Pokemon. The Arena District is swarming with characters of all shapes and sizes, and it is up to YOU to catch them all. Here are some places to look.
Goodale Park
Located just two blocks from the Arena District and running parallel to High Street and the Short North, Goodale Park is always brimming with activity – especially in the summer. Since the Pokemon Go fever has taken America by storm, the park has been teeming with trainers. And with good reason, as the park has been highly-populated with various creatures as of late. Notable Pokemon include Drowzee and Ekans.
McFerson Commons
One of the best venues in Columbus for music festivals, McFerson Commons is also a gathering place for lunch time Pokemon hunters to find Zubats, Weedles, and even a Jigglypuff or two. Grab a bite at one of the local restaurants like Boston’s Gourmet Pizza or Nada while you refuel so you can catch and train even more Pokemon!
Nationwide Arena
Not only do several of the landmarks (AEP Tower) serve as PokeStops, Nationwide Arena itself is a Pokemon Training Gym and it’s one that you will want to fight for. You and other players can gain XP by pitting your captured Pokemon against other opponents in the area, but only if you’ve played Pokémon Go long enough to reach level five (just admit it… you have). Now there is a turf-war to gain control of the Training Gym at Nationwide Arena. Admit it… you want to own it!
Gordon Biersch
On top of being a great PokeStop, there are wonders abounding inside the brewery. For any adult Pokemon hunters, stop in and grab a locally-brewed beer while you wait to capture the illusive pocket monsters at this tasty Columbus restaurant.
Huntington Park
The Columbus Clippers even invited fans out to Huntington Park to play Pokémon Go for a special Pokemon hunt. Once inside Huntington Park fans had the opportunity to roam the concourse, stands and even the outfield grass in attempts to catch Pokemon and build their Pokedex!
North Market
For a great family outing take all your trainers or meet up with your Pokemon team to grab lunch at North Market and catch them all.
The Scioto Mile
One of the most beautiful walkway and biking trail in Downtown Columbus, the newly refinished Scioto Mile is chuck full of Pokemon trainers on the hunt to catch even more of these creatures. Magmar sightings have been noted along with the rare Pidgeot. This loop also takes you near the Columbus State House which is brimming with PokeStops.
Pokemon Go Map of Columbus Ohio
Need some help with all of the legwork that goes with hunting Pokemon in a big city? Actual Brewing is organizing a Pokemon Safari Beer Bus where Pokemon Trainers can join up and catch them all while drinking them all.
As always, game creators and city officials ask that players be mindful of their surroundings while hunting down Pokemon, and to stay safe. Happy hunting!

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