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The Sunny Street Café does more than just breakfast. Formerly known as Rise & Dine, Sunny Street made the branding switch four years ago in order to reflect their commitment to serving lunch as well as breakfast. They’re still thought of as a morning spot though, which is a shame for lunchers who want to eat local and eat well.
Sunny Street Café, with five locations in Central Ohio and its environs, has been serving delicious, seasonal, and locally-sourced breakfasts and lunches since its inception. The majority of the fruits, vegetables, and dairy they use is produced in-state, as well virtually all the meat and poultry.
This Winter, their menu features hearty, cold-weather dishes that’ll delight the palate and fill the stomach. The Red Velvet Pancakes are decadent, more-cake-than-pan flapjacks that scream special occasion more readily than breakfast. Ordered with a side of perfectly-crisped bacon, or breakfast sausage, it’s the kind of meal that ensures a good day.
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