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There’s something special in being the first, in breaking new ground. Lifestyle Communities Pavilion in the Arena District did just that when its Vertere stage was built in 2001.

The first indoor and outdoor concert venue in America, the Vertere is a reversible stage that allows the LC to host concerts both inside and out on the same stage. As part of PromoWest’s family of venues including the Basement, A&R Music Bar and the Newport, the LC serves as a launchpad for bands to start selling out mega-venues. Its outdoor amphitheater has a capacity of 5,000 while the interior music hall holds 2,200 spectators.
PromoWest’s Senior Director of Sales and Marketing, Becky Long, described the progression between venues. “We at PromoWest like to help develop bands, and we’ve really turned Columbus, Ohio, into a primary market for concerts,” she said. “We can start them small at the Basement and A&R, then move them into the Newport Music Hall and finally we can move them either indoor or outdoor at the LC.”
Wonder how a reversible stage is possible? Read on to find out.

Q&A with PromoWest’s Senior Director of Sales and Marketing, Becky Long:
Arena District: What makes the LC unique?
Becky Long:  Being indoor and outdoor, it allows us, first of all, versatility of events. Because we’re a general admission facility, it can be customized very easily. We can bring in chairs and tables or allow wide open general admission. We’re also open year-round because we have both indoor and outdoor stages.
AD: What makes a reversible stage possible?
BL: The key is a custom-built, first-time-ever, retractable steel door that was built in sections to go up to the ceiling. The stage, lighting and sound systems are all configured for use in outdoor and indoor shows.
AD: How is the LC growing?
BL: Right now, we are completing construction on new offices in order to expand our marketing team. We’re also putting in a new VIP club outdoors in the amphitheater that will be available to all our box-holders. It’s going to be easily accessible to backstage, so we expect a lot of bands hanging out there.
AD: What’s a benefit to being located in the Arena District?
BL: The great part is there’s so much residential coming in that I’ve been told people love to just walk across the street to the LC. I think it’s a really cool, trendy, safe environment in the Arena District. It’s a place where people like to come because they can go to a movie, they can go to dinner, they can go to a show. It’s just a really cool vibe. It’s grown tremendously since we opened up. There are so many options.
AD: What do you think makes the Arena District unique?
BL:  It has three key entertainment components with Nationwide Arena, Huntington Park and concerts. I think we all complement each other really well and everything fills in the spaces with dining, residential and businesses. I think it’s a nice eclectic mix. I feel like it’s more diverse than other areas.

Selection of upcoming shows at the LC:

In addition to concerts, the LC is also available year-round for sporting events, corporate functions and private engagements. Check out the PromoWest Productions website for more information.

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