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I was pretty excited when I first heard that the Summerland tour with Marcy Playground, Lit, Gin Blossoms, Sugar Ray and Everclear was stopping at the LC Pavilion. It was like getting the chance to teleport back in time for a few hours.
Before heading down to the show, my friend Natalie and I grabbed dinner and drinks in the Arena District.  I’m a big craft beer fan, so we went to Gordon Biersch.
I sipped on the seasonal SummerBrau, which is a Kölsch style beer. SummerBrau has a refreshing fruitiness and crisp mouthfeel that make it perfect for patio drinking on a hot day.

Cheryl Harrison | Arena District | Columbus, Ohio

Cheryl Harrison | Arena District | Columbus, Ohio

For dinner I had a flatbread that covered my three favorite food groups – avocado, bacon, blue cheese – with grilled chicken, tomatoes, cheddar and baby greens tossed in Märzen Balsamic Vinaigrette. It was legitimately one of my fave flatbreads ever.

Cheryl Harrison | Arena District | Columbus, Ohio

After dinner we strolled down Nationwide Boulevard to join the crowds of people eagerly entering the LC Pavilion, just as excited as me to re-live the late 90s for a few hours.

Lit had just taken the stage when we had grabbed our 32oz beers and found a place to cram in the packed lawn of the LC. I discovered that I actually knew more than one (“My own Worst Enemy”) Lit song – “Miserable.” But I remembered halfway through that I knew the song because an ex-boyfriend had put it on a mixtape for me (“You make me completely miserable…”)
Cheryl Harrison | Arena District | Columbus, Ohio

Gin Blossoms were up next and put on a great show – although they’re one of those bands that concert-goers don’t really know what to DO during (do we mosh to “Hey Jealousy”?!) . I think most people just decided to sway.

Sugar Ray took the stage and opened with “Some Day”, one of many Sugar Ray songs I would secretly re-fall in love with doing this show. These were the summer anthems of my youth! During “Every Morning” the crowd sang the “whoaa whoaa whoaaaa” part of the bridge which was really cool. And in between their other big hits which you’ve probably fogotten about, too, (“Fly” and “When It’s Over” and “Answer the Phone” which I always thought was by Fall Out Boy or something) they played 90s staples like the Fresh Prince and Saved by the Bell theme songs.

Cheryl Harrison | Arena District | Columbus, Ohio

Everclear was the closing headliner for the tour who wrapped up the decade-long-past. And my friend was STOKED when they finally played “Santa Monica” – as she had (erroneously) been wishing “I hope they play Live Beside the Ocean” since before we got to the LC!

Cheryl Harrison | Arena District | Columbus, Ohio

Cheryl Harrison is the Editor of Drink Up Columbus, an online publication dedicated to news and reviews of local breweries, wineries, distilleries, bars and related events in Central Ohio. You can read her personal blog, Being Cheryl, and  follow her on Twitter @CherylHarrison.

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