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Every week, Adam (my husband) and I go out one night to get away from our computers, phones and all the stresses of the week. Last week we were able to attend Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros in concert at the LC Pavilion! We began the evening by grabbing a drink and some dinner at Gordon Biersch. It was our first time eating there and is in a really relaxing area of the Arena District. There was a nice, warm breeze so we sat outside. The atmosphere was fun but not too loud.

Gordon Biersch | Arena District | Columbus, Ohio

Adam ordered a wedge salad and a beer to start off and I ordered their strawberry mojito. The mojito was delicious and I almost ordered another. Not too strong but not too light on the rum (perfect in my opinion).

Gordon Biersch | Arena District | Columbus, Ohio

For dinner, I ordered off their “healthier” section. They have 5-6 entrees that average at about 570 calories. I ordered a Creole inspired chicken dish with fresh, grilled vegetables and a side of white rice. The perfect portion size and I didn’t leave feeling too full.

Arena District | Columbus, Ohio

We took the long way to get back to the LC Pavilion since it was so nice out. It was fun to see people walking around and enjoying the weather. We definitely are excited to try Rodizio Grill (which is coming to the Arena District soon).
The thing I really love about going to concerts is that if you love the band that’s headlining…you’re probably going to love the opener. That was definitely the case for this concert. The band, He’s My Brother She’s My Sister opened and they were phenomenal! Their drummer stands the entire time and tap dances simultaneously while playing the drums. Amazing.
By the time Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros got on stage the energy was so energizing. Everyone was squeezed in as close as they could and it was incredibly fun to be a part of.

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros | LC Pavilion | Arena District | Columbus, Ohio

If you plan on attending a concert at the LC Pavilion (indoors), I would suggest getting there as early as possible. It’s mostly all standing room and if you’re short like me…you’ll have a hard time finding a spot to actually see the band. There are multiple bars located throughout the venue. Some only take cash and others take cards. Also be sure not to bring a DSLR camera because if you do…you’ll have to put it back in your car! Overall, a great concert and I’m excited to see many more this summer!
Allie Lehman | Arena DistrictAllison Lehman, a resident of Grandview, works for the Ohio Department of Natural Resources as the Layout Design Artist and Social Media Coordinator. She is a freelance graphic designer, photographer, and blogger.

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