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U.S. Figure Skating Championship could be a boon for business

January 23, 2024

Article originally posted by NBC4 | Anna Hoffman

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Thousands of people are expected to be in Columbus’ Arena District this week for the U.S. Figure Skating Championships.

Business leaders said the event is more great exposure for the city, with businesses expecting it’ll bring a boom to the economy.

When skaters and fans need a break this week at the U.S. Figure Skating Championships, they can just go steps away from Nationwide Arena, where there are dozens of restaurants or bars to get a bite to eat.

Matt Rootes, the co-owner of Moran’s Bar and Grill said he and his employees always look forward to big events at the arena.

“Well, we’re hoping for a very, very busy weekend,” Rootes said. “It’s always different crowds, you know? We don’t know what to expect of the figure skating fans.”

This is the first time Columbus is hosting the U.S. Figure Skating Championships.

Rootes said he’s stocked up on food and making sure he has enough staff. He hopes to see a lot of customers walk through his doors, but isn’t sure what to expect.

Hotels like the Hilton Downtown said it is almost fully booked for the week and weekend.

Tim Emery, the owner of Boston’s Restaurant, said his staff also looks forward to weeks like this one.

“Oh, it’s great,” Emery said. “I mean, it adds to the vibrancy of the city. And they were in a district in particular. And those weekends are just so helpful.”

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