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Steak Escape opening in the Arena District - January 24!

January 23, 2013

The Arena District location officially opens this Thursday, January 24, but we got a sneak peek to help train the staff.

Steak Escape has revamped the way they serve food.  It’s now on a line where you get to pick all the fresh ingredients you would like. They have sandwiches, baked potatoes, garden salads, and grilled vegetables in a bowl.  Once I walked in, the staff was super friendly, and made sure to take my order right away, starting with my name.  After carefully pondering the menu, I knew I had to have the Grand Chicken!  I was greeted, by name, by the first employee on the line.

If you can pass the test of tough questions…”what kind of cheese, are onions and peppers ok, what toppings would you like,” then you can have yourself a mighty delicious sandwich. The topping bar is a dream boat.  They have cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, banana peppers, jalapeno peppers, zucchini, and more!  Sauces are in abundance.  They have mayo, hot sauce, and even specialty sauces to add to your dish.  Add the fries, a cherry coke fountain drink, and you have a perfect lunch.
The sandwich was absolutely delicious.  I did put it together, so maybe I’m a bit biased. The bread was soft, the chicken was cooked to perfection, and the veggies were fresh! The fries are to die for.  They have the perfect amount of crispiness.  They both didn’t last long on my plate.  Steak Escape even considered that much needed after lunch sweet treat.  The smore.  It was unlike anything I’ve had before.  Melted chocolate and marshmallow inside a pastry pocket. The size was exactly what I needed.

Steak Escape will be open for lunch on Thursday, January 24!  Check out their new concept and delicious eats!