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Reopening the Arena District: 4 Ways Visitors Can Stay Safe

June 8, 2020

With Ohio’s stay-at-home orders relaxing, the COVID-19 curve flattening and local businesses reopening, Columbus residents and office staff are venturing out into areas like the Arena District to return to work, explore, experience a change of scenery and reacclimate to urban life.

While many Ohioans are beginning to resume daily activities, there’s no doubt that things have changed. Columbus residents and businesses are committed to continuing precautionary measures indefinitely, to ensure they and their neighbors are staying safe and protected.

As you’re planning to return to the Arena District, whether to your office or for a meal at a restaurant, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Practice Social Distancing

When walking around the Arena District, remember to maintain a physical distance of at least six feet between you and others. Cover your mouth and nose with a face covering, and try not to touch your eyes, nose or mouth while out. For more information about protecting yourself, check out the state’s COVID-19 Checklist.

New Parking Garage Practices

Throughout the Arena District, parking garages have put in place several new cleaning and social distancing practices in line with CDC guidelines and recommendations. This includes:

• Hand sanitizing stations located at elevator lobbies
• Signage in and around elevators to remind visitors to follow social distancing
• Elevator capacity limited to 2 people max, with stairwell use encouraged if willing and able
• Routine cleaning of high-touchpoint common areas including elevator buttons, elevator doors, elevator interior cabs, stairway handrails and door handles

Cleanliness is a Top Priority

Visitors to the Arena District will notice an increased frequency of cleaning and sanitization of public areas. During the shutdown, all public areas were comprehensively cleaned to meet strict standards that continue to be thoroughly maintained upon the Arena District’s reopening.

Office Building Safety Measures

While Arena District office tenants each set their own policies for welcoming back employees, customers and visitors, new safety measures are being implemented in all buildings to ensure everyone is working in a safe environment with proper social distancing and frequent cleaning, aligned with regulatory requirements and best practices. This includes:

• Main-floor lobbies equipped with hand sanitizing stations
• High-touchpoint common areas are disinfected at least twice daily
• Increased airflow as a step to bring additional fresh air inside buildings
• Public drinking fountains and vending machines have been temporarily disabled
• Additional trash receptacles placed near all bathroom exit doors to limit handle touch points
• Building personnel will adhere to daily self-checks and wear masks when conducting services

While we encourage everyone to visit and enjoy the reopened Arena District, it is recommended that you stay home and contact a healthcare professional if you are experiencing symptoms including fever, cough, sneezing or any respiratory difficulties. We’re in this together, and we appreciate your cooperation.