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PromoWest Productions announces PWTV and re-launches PromoWest Live on NBC4

September 7, 2016

PromoWest Productions is proud to introduce the next phase in the pursuit of a unique and revolutionary live music experience, PromoWest TV.
PWTV, the digital arm of the PromoWest brand, will exist initially as a website,, and across social media platforms (Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter) with its primary objective to provide users unlimited access to content from their favorite artists, including shows they attend at PromoWest venues. “Creating an opportunity for fans to re-live the live music experience is really what we are going for”, said President and CEO of PromoWest Productions, Scott Stienecker.
While the core of the show will remain intact, the format, flow, and overall esthetics will take on a fresh, digital, on-demand look, eliminating most non-music related content and granting access via both television and the web. Content will also include exclusive programming, including weekly “Epicodes” encouraging viewers to engage on digital platforms to win tickets to upcoming shows and other prizes.
Over the last decade, PromoWest has filmed thousands of artists and has compiled an impressive library of unique content. Since PromoWest has been producing live concerts for over 35 years, there are many artists who are accustomed to playing PromoWest venues and that sets the stage, more often than not, for some amazing surprises and highly memorable performances.
After 7 years of successful programming, PromoWest Live, brought to you by The Basement Doctor, will re-launch on NBC4, September 10, 2016 at 1:00am following SNL. is scheduled to launch September 9, 2016.
PromoWest Productions currently offers Columbus, Ohio over 450 events a year at its venues EXPRESS LIVE!, Newport Music Hall, The Basement and A&R Music Bar. PromoWest opened the country’s second indoor/outdoor concert venue, Stage AE, in downtown Pittsburgh in 2010 and purchased Bunbury Music Festival in Cincinnati, Ohio in 2014. The company also hosted its inaugural PromoWest Fest in downtown Columbus July 15-17, 2016. PromoWest Live, an Emmy-nominated live music program on NBC4, has been running since 2009. For more information on PromoWest, please visit