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Kickball at the Arena District Athletic Club

April 20, 2015

It’s Kickball Time! Check out our awesome new video showcasing last year’s teams!
Deadline to register your team is Friday, May 8th!
If you want to see all the fun you’ve been missing out on, check out these photos! If you’re in these photos, then your welcome to share them. Arena District Co-Recreational Kickball League is now accepting teams for the 2015 season. Play begins June 2nd on McFerson Commons.
Just a few rules to keep in mind before registering:

  1. The main rule is for everyone to remember that you are playing Kickball – it’s all about having fun and meeting new people! It is not appropriate to heckle the opposing team’s players. Feel free to heckle your own players.
  2. Please follow all posted park and city rules. No alcohol at the fields… save it for after the games at Boston’s Sports Bar.
  3. All players must where shirts and shoes.
  4. No cleats or spikes are permitted.
  5. 10 players on the field, everyone bats. Coed format – minimum 4 females in the field. A game may start with eight players (four male and four females). If a team does not have the required minimum number of players the game will result in a forfeit, unless the opposing team agrees to play. A team can then play with only 3 females, taking an out for the 4th girl when she is up in the kicking rotation. Same applies for males. Once agreed and the game starts you can not reverse your decision. A team cannot play with only 2 female

Click here for the full list of rules, roster form, and application.