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Hotel Staycation in the Arena District

May 21, 2012

This Mother’s Day weekend I had the opportunity to leave my suburban bubble and venture downtown to the Arena District for a fabulous overnight get-away with my husband, Yanni. To say I was thrilled would be an understatement. I can’t even begin to remember the last time the two of us got to “get-away”. And the beauty of the whole thing? Our mini vacation started immediately because we were wrapped in a vacation state of mind within minutes as we hopped onto the highway and in the blink of an eye found ourselves pulling into the Arena District.

Arena District Sign

The Crowne Plaza hotel would be our own little haven away from home for the next 24 hours.

Crowne Plaza | Arena District

Our everyday stresses just seemed to melt into oblivion as we strolled through the lounge and headed to our room.

Crowne Plaza | Arena District

Our room was just lovely with a fantastic view! I couldn’t believe how fast I felt like I was in a different city as the suburban mom mentality vanished into an urban state of mind.

Crowne Plaza | Arena District

We freshened up a bit and set out for our Arena District adventure. We both loved the fact that we parked our car in the parking garage and never needed it the rest of the weekend. There’s just a certain charm about taking a stroll on a busy city street while holding hands. Your senses seem to come alive as the sights and sounds swirl around you.
We were headed to dinner and a movie. In no time flat we had arrived at our destination.

Arena Grand | Arena District

We decided to dine at Ted’s Montana Grill. It was a lovely evening so we sat on the patio to further enjoy the beautiful buildings and pristine surroundings.

Ted's Montana Grill | Arena District

Arena Grand | Arena District

Dinner began with a toast as we both giddily reveled in the fact that we were on a vacation just minutes from home. This puts a whole new spin on my beloved life-is-too-crazy-to-get-away “staycation.”

Ted's Montana Grill | Arena District

I enjoyed the delicious cedar plank salmon.

Salmon | Ted's Montana Grill | Arena District

While Yanni indulged in a bison burger.

Bison Burger | Ted's Montana Grill | Arena District

Once we finished dinner we meandered next door to the beautiful Arena Grand Theater.
And after getting lost in a movie, we ventured back out into the Arena District to find that the daytime charm had magically transformed into a dazzling darkness speckled with a twinkly array of lights and nightlife fun.

Arena Grand | Arena District

The charming brick streets lined with restaurants, pubs and a dueling piano bar were humming with the gentle murmur of laughter and conversation as we slowly walked back to our hotel.

Arena District

Big Bang Bar | Arena District

The next morning brought another delightful walk full of other undiscovered beautiful landmarks and serene parks tucked into unexpected places.

Arch | McFerson Commons | Arena District

The tidy tree lined streets and pristine parks were so inviting and picturesque. I was tempted to stop and stretch out on the carpet of soft green grass. However breakfast was calling so I didn’t give in. Perhaps after breakfast?

McFerson Commons | Arena District

Sunny Street Cafe | Arena District

Our Sunday morning stroll came to an end as we came upon the Sunny Street Cafe. Piping hot coffee was poured and happily sipped as we gazed at the menu.

Menu | Sunny Street Cafe | Arena District

I instantly decided on a Sunny Street Cafe favorite, the Tex-Mex Omelette. I had no idea what I was in store for…
Oh. my. heavens.

Tex Mex Omelette | Sunny Street Cafe | Arena District

And just look at what Yanni ordered..

Eggs Benedict | Sunny Street Cafe | Arena District

Eggs benedict and grits. Le yum.
I think a nap in that green grassy park may be in order after breakfast, don’t you?
Our overnight stay in the Arena District was sublime. We left refreshed and de-stressed, with full bellies and happy hearts. I may just have to ask for the same treatment on my birthday.
The only thing that I’d change? Next time, I’ll stay two nights.
Wenderly | Arena DistrictWendy blogs about life in suburbia as an “always on the go” mom in Columbus, Ohio at Wenderly. Creative and engaging, Wendy brings a fresh perspective on parenting, cooking, interior design, entertaining, and everyday life—one slice of life at a time.