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Greater Columbus Convention Center Construction Update!

March 1, 2016

Welcome to the latest issue of Greater Columbus Convention Center Construction Connection, a brief monthly newsletter designed to provide our valued customers, community partners and stakeholders with the most recent updates regarding our $125 million facility renovation and expansion now underway and slated for completion in July 2017.
BallroomA-Pod Meeting Rooms: The A-Pod meeting rooms have been renamed. The new names are A-101 = Windows Room, A-102 = Ohio Center A, A-103 = Ohio Center B, A-104 = Ohio Center C.
Ballrooms: The former Grand Ballroom has reopened as the Union Station Ballroom and will host its first client events during the Arnold Sports Festival in March. There will be eight pre-set lighting control options for the colored lighting, for both dimming and full lighting of the can lights and starburst lighting. The system will have as many as 100 different customized scenes for lighting. Audiovisual companies will be able to further customize effects for their clients.
Business Center: The GCCC Business Center has temporarily moved to a new location within the Food Court & Shops. The FedEx deposit box and an ATM were moved to just outside the GCCC Business Center.
Café by Exhibit Halls: The north side of the north café will be out of service August 19 to October 22, 2016, with the south side being out of commission November 17, 2016 to February 1, 2017.
Connector: The Connector in the GCCC reopened February 18, 2016 – 12 days ahead of its scheduled March 1, 2016 completion.
Exterior: High Street façade restoration begins in late March 2016. Work in the exterior café area will occur June-July 2016 for initial site preparation. Last week, streetscape project work was approved and will be performed in conjunction with work in the meeting room pods.
Food Court & Shops: Ohio Buckeye Connection and Mischief will be closed until July 1, 2016 while renovations are being made nearby and the owner of the businesses is out of the country. All other Food Court & Shops merchants remain open.
Goodale Entrance: Access through the north Goodale entrance doors will be unavailable until the end of the expansion project in July 2017. Guests may enter via the High Street doors. Preparatory work is being performed for the facility expansion, including the excavation of the area for placement of structural steel caissons.
The 800-space Goodale Garage opened for business February 15, 2016! Complete with artwork at each of the eight elevator lobbies, the garage will be connected to the convention center by enclosed walkway once the new northern section is expanded and the connecting bridge can be constructed. For now, the pedestrian access to the Convention Center from the new garage is to travel west on Goodale Street to High Street, then turn left and enter through the closest GCCC building door that is available along High Street in an area not undergoing renovation, which is currently by the E-150 rooms. Wayne Greene was the first parker to utilize the new garage and was presented with a prize pack by Greater Columbus Convention Center Parking Department representatives