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Festbier Tapping Party at Gordon Biersch!

September 18, 2012

One thing I love about the fall weather is fall flavors.  And at Gordon Biersch, they know how to kick off the new season with their Festbier Tapping Party. As this was my first time at Gordon Biersch, I must say I was very satisfied because it hit all the marks.  Good service.  Good beer.  And good food.  Let’s start with good service.
The manager, Stewart Miller, gave my sister and I a warm welcome with his firm handshake and big smile.  He gave me a quick rundown about the restaurant with enthusiasm.  I was excited to hear about their fresh brewed beers and “made from scratch” meals.

We opted to sit outside since it was nice and they had live music playing.  They have a HUGE menu and I wanted to try everything!  And addition to that, they have their Fall menu which included a meaty selection of short ribs, pork, kobe burger, meatloaf…..we settled for meatloaf 🙂  We alsodecided on the Festbier appetizer combo which included fries, a pretzel, and a variety of sausages.  But first thing’s first….beer.

Of course, I had to get the sampler.  Even though I had a place mat with the description of each beer, our server did a great job explaining each one them.  I’d have to say my favorite one was the Hefeweizen because of the hint of banana that I could smell and taste.  Their seasonal beer, Festbier, was my other favorite.  It was crisp, malty, and light.

A few minutes after my beer arrives, my sister and I go inside to watch Stewart and Keith, head brewer, tap into the Festbier keg.  People crowded around and some yelled “Chug Chug!” as Stewart and Keith were on top of the bar, drinking from the glass boot.  After getting their customers all excited, people started lining up by the keg as Stewart was happy to serve them.

As we return to our table, we see our appetizer!  I really liked the garlic fries and couldn’t stop dipping the pretzel in their unique mustard sauces.  The sausages were delicious with simple, clean flavors.  Every so often, a server would come by offering samples from other items on their menu (smart move).  I got to try a flatbread that had tomatoes and artichoke on it.  It was tasty, so definitely something to consider when I go back.

My sister and I were splitting the meatloaf, and the server was kind enough to have it plated separately for us.  The meatloaf was moist and full of mushroom flavor.  That was definitely satisfying the savory part I was craving for.  I loved the mashed red skin potatoes and the vegetables were colorful and fresh.  I must say…they treat their ingredients well.

And to top it all off, probably one of the best peanut butter and chocolate pie I’ve ever had!  It was so rich and dense that it had the texture of cheesecake.  My taste buds were sweetly satisfied.

So as fall is arriving and you’re looking for a place with some good comfort food…can’t go wrong with Gordon Biersch!  The outdoor patio is nice and the inside is extremely spacious.  There’s plenty of beer to choose from but don’t forget to try their Festbier!
Anita Kwan works  for True Studios as a videographer and editor.  Besides that, her love for food, culture, and Columbus helped her co-found, a video review website that shares our experiences as we explore restaurants, bars, and influential people of this great city.