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Check Out These Five Eateries Where You Can Get Rib-Sticking Comfort Food

October 31, 2022

Article originally posted in The Columbus Dispatch, written by Gary Seman Jr.

Comfort food is one antidote for those of us who experience the rush of colder temperatures. Warm gravies, fried food, luscious sauces, rich meats — all with the power of setting the internal thermostat to just right.

Columbus has always had its share of greasy spoons, but many restaurants are rebranding comfort food classics by adding bold flavors to simple recipes.

Another trend: Many emerging comfort food destinations are turning to New Orleans for inspiration.

Creole 2 Geaux

Founded by chef Janvier Ward and her sister, Maxine Ohakim, the recent addition to central Ohio’s culinary landscape builds on the foundation of Big Easy fare.

The food stall is home of the Creole bowl, a build-it-yourself proposition using sausage, chicken and shrimp over rice, plus po’ boys, jambalaya mac and cheese and bourbon chicken. Creole 2 Geaux recently added Zulu bowls, using the bold staple seasonings and stocked with vegetables for vegan diners.

Sweetening the deal at East Market, Ward and Ohakim recently added NOLA Daq Shaq, a dessert bread pudding, dessert egg rolls, milkshakes, sundaes and virgin daiquiris.

The siblings also expect to open a second location of Creole 2 Geaux by the end of the year in the Arena District.

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