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Blue Jackets Yet to Awaken Sleeping Giant Known as Columbus

May 2, 2023

Article originally published by The Hockey Writers, written by Mark Scheig

The Arena District in Columbus is one of the jewels of downtown in which people gather from near and far to eat, drink and have a good time. There is no shortage of places to go.

Then comes time to enjoy a Blue Jackets’ game. To be able to walk from your preferred choice of eatery right to the front door of Nationwide Arena is one of the best experiences in the NHL.

Fans Love the Arena District

Take it from the fans. We recently reached out on Twitter to fans and asked them excluding Nationwide Arena, what is your favorite part about the Arena District? Below is a sample of answers we received.

  • The patio at RBar.
  • Short North.
  • Boston’s Pizza.
  • Overall convenience, including sidewalks and benches.
  • Three stadiums close together including the Columbus Crew and Clippers.
  • North Market.
  • Outdoor events by the Blue Jackets including Opening Night.
  • Convenient parking.
  • Can walk to all important points.
  • Wario’s.
  • Many other restaurant options.

Anyone who has been to the Arena District knows just how much fun the area is. But today, I am here to tell you a sad truth not only about the Blue Jackets, but the Arena District also.

There is a sleeping giant right now that continues to lay dormant. We are approaching 23 years and counting for this giant. The Blue Jackets have not been able to awaken the sleeping giant yet. For a few days in April 2019, the giant looked like it was going to wake up once and for all. But then soon after, it went back to sleep and hasn’t awoken since.

What is the sleeping giant? It’s the city of Columbus itself.

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