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6 Benefits of Living in Downtown Columbus

November 4, 2019

Planning on moving from the suburbs or countryside to downtown Columbus? Whether you’re making the change for work, family reasons or simply desire to be where the action is, there’s no better place to live in Ohio than Columbus proper!


To better acquaint you with the Columbus city life, here six great benefits of moving into a downtown Columbus apartment or condominium.


  1. Say Goodbye to Long Commutes

One of the greatest advantages to living in downtown Columbus is close proximity to offices and great access to public transportation. Studies show that the longer you sit in the car for your commute, the higher your risk of obesity, stress, diabetes and high blood pressure. If you work in Columbus, living in the city significantly reduces your drive time—allowing you to trim the commute, trim the fat and increase your happiness.


  1. Be Where the Action Is

 It’s no secret that a lot goes on in downtown Columbus, especially in its Arena District. Having more going on around you encourages you to get out, socialize and experience things you never would have living in the suburbs or countryside. Whether you’re an introvert or extrovert, we all need certain levels of social interaction to achieve a higher level of happiness, and living in the city gives you on-demand access to exactly that.


  1. Greater Culinary Exploration

 Living in downtown Columbus puts you in close proximity with some of Ohio’s best restaurants and bars—from local eateries to nationally established bistros. Urban living can empower your every dietary desire and need by providing a mix of healthy options, comfort cuisine or late-night hot spots to choose your next meal from.


  1. More Opportunity to Be Active

  Not only does city living reduce your commute time, it also reduces all your time spent in the car. With everything within a walkable radius or short drive, you can spend a lot more time on your feet and less time sitting in traffic. Downtown Columbus is filled with fantastic parks and walking, running and biking trails within the city—including the popular Scioto Mile located along the Scioto River! Additionally, Columbus offers fantastic access to physical fitness programs like yoga, spin classes, weight training and more at places like the Arena District Athletic Club.


  1. Access A Diverse Community

 When living in downtown Columbus, you are introduced to a wide array of people, cultures, faiths and languages—something that those living in the suburbs or countryside are rarely acquainted with. This type of urban lifestyle, in which you’re living among a greater representation of the world, can greatly expand your worldview and provide ample opportunities to meet friends and neighbors of differing backgrounds.


  1. Faster Emergency Response Times

 This may not seem very important on the surface, but it could end up saving your life. Columbus has a large population, which is why it also features state-leading emergency response teams and hospitals located within city limits. You will be able to relax much more knowing that, should something happen, the state’s greatest healthcare professionals are mere minutes away.

There is a lot more to love about living in Columbus, but all of boils down to things that will increase happiness, healthiness and all-around activity. City living truly has something for everyone. Leave your troubles in the suburbs and come join a plethora of people and experiences that are perfect for you!

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