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16 Popular Columbus Neighborhoods: Where to Live in Columbus in 2023

October 25, 2023

Article originally published on RedFin >> | October 17, 2023 by Alison Bentley

As the “Arch City” and Ohio’s state capitol, Columbus has vibrant neighborhoods and a welcoming atmosphere. From the bustling Arena District, with its thriving nightlife and entertainment options, to the historic charm of German Village, where cobblestone streets and quaint shops transport you to another time, there is always something new to explore. No matter where you move in the city, Columbus has a neighborhood that will feel like home.

But if you don’t know where to start, we’ve got you covered. At Redfin, we’ve collected 16 popular Columbus neighborhoods to explore. Whether you buy a home or rent an apartment in Columbus, you’ll be sure to find a neighborhood that fits your lifestyle. Let’s jump in.

1. Arena District

The Arena District is located in the heart of downtown Columbus. It’s known for its bustling atmosphere and proximity to major attractions such as Nationwide Arena, where you can see concerts or a hockey game, Field, home to the Columbus Clippers baseball stadium, and the North Market, an indoor farmers market with local vendors. The neighborhood also boasts several parks, including McFerson Commons Park.

The housing types in the Arena District consist primarily of modern apartments and condos in contemporary designs with sleek lines and a focus on urban living.

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